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PSA: Vision Screening is Not Eye Exam

Public Service Announcement: A Vision Screening is NOT an Eye Exam!

As you get ready to take the kids back to school, make sure to get their eyes examined as well!

Often times when you take your children to their primary care physician’s office for an annual physical, they perform a screening of their eyes by asking them to read a chart. This is not considered an eye exam and it does not evaluate the health and function of the eyes.

An annual comprehensive eye exam is just as important as your annual check up to ensure that your vision and eyes are as healthy as possible! Several vision problems can go undiagnosed and cause increased difficulty for your child during the school year.

We want your child to ‪#‎SEE‬ all that they can see! To schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Millenniumn Eye Center, call 407-292-9812 or go online to