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Mary Did You Know by Dr. Lauretta Justin

The Spirit of Christmas music album by Dr. Lauretta Justin.

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Artist Bio

Dr. Lauretta is a woman of many talents. Aside from being a mother, wife, doctor, speaker, author and entrepreneur; one of her favorite passions is to sing.

Dr. Lauretta started singing at the age of 12 merely by accident. Her mother heard her singing in the shower one day and encouraged her to sing in church in front of other people. Although terrified she did listen to her mom’s unrelenting request and did sing in front of her entire church one Sunday. The results were amazing! She couldn’t believe the response she received from the crowd. The entire auditorium was captivated and many were in tears as they listened to her sing – Amazing Grace. It was amazing!

She was so excited about this new found talent and was so grateful to her mom for believing in her. She knew that as long as she had her mom to believe in her, she could do great things with this new amazing gift. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, her mother died 6 months later in a terrible car accident. This tragedy crushed the spirit of a young girl. However, Dr. Lauretta always found solace in music and singing. This gift that her mother helped her discover is the very thing that helped her cope with losing her mom. It’s as if the gift came to her in the right time. Well, the years that followed brought many more challenges and tragedies, but one thing always kept Lauretta grounded… Her voice! As long as she can lift her voice, she knows she can overcome anything.

Dr. Lauretta sings because she believes in music we can experience the Glory of heaven on Earth. What better way to do that than to sing about the birth of Christ. Open your heart and soul as she takes you on a journey to one of the most sought after places in the world – Heaven! You will feel inspired as you listen to her debut music album, The Spirit of Christmas!

To invite Dr. Lauretta as a performer at your next event, visit or call 407-292-9812!